About Marstal Repairyard

About Marstal Repairyard A/S

The shipyard Marstal Værft A/S - a subsidiary in the P&S Group - is located in Marstal on the island of Ærø.

Each year, the yard dry docks around 50 major ships

Many Scandinavian, German and Dutch shipowners profit from the easy accessibility and the high expertise that characterise the yard.

With direct access to the Baltic and only four hours' navigation from the Kiel Canal, Marstal has a very central location on the chart.


We have a floating dry dock for ships of up to 3,500 tonnes with full crane range. The dock can be partly roofed. Slipway for smaller ships. Professionally we cover the whole spectrum from machine operators, shipbuilders, painters, civil engineers, electricians, ship's carpenters, blacksmiths and semi-skilled workers.


This means that the shipyard has capacity as well as expertise to solve all types of repairs, and at the same time we are of a size and scale that we are able to preserve flexibility and to adjust swiftly. All facilities are gathered in one place, so we keep the overview.


The town has centuries-long traditions within shipbuilding and repairs - proud traditions which the yard has succeeded in developing still further in line with the requirements of our time.



Here we are - 54° 51,3´ N - 10° 31,4´ E


The Port of Marstal is best accessed from the south, directly from the Baltic

The distance from Holtenau, Kiel Canal is approximately 30 NM. Ships with a draught of up to 4.50m can call day and night.


No ebb or high tides.


Chart for the area is No. 170






Thomsens Plads 4

DK-5960 Marstal



Mail: info@repairyard.dk

Tlf. (+45) 62 53 17 28



CVR 27549195


CEO: Poul Sækmose

Mail: poul@repairyard.dk



Hotline day & night (24/7):

0045 62 53 17 28







Administration Office





Tlf. 0045 62 21 21 09



Invoices and bank statements should be sent to:






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